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Emerald Correctional Management, established in 1996, builds and manages correctional facilities. It is dedicated to meeting the collective needs of governmental public safety and criminal justice agencies (U.S. Marshal, ICE, BOP, state and county) in their endeavors to deliver competent, cost-effective and secure correctional facilities management and financing. The management team is dedicated to providing the latest solutions in the criminal justice field of corrections.

The management team, each with vast experience in their area of expertise, individually bring unique capabilities, that together with the other members of the team, gives Emerald Correctional Management the expertise and impeccable credentials to effectively develop and manage correctional facilities.

> More than 80 years of law enforcement experience
> More than 45 years in correctional management
> More than 30 years in correctional fiscal management
> More than 40 years providing correctional training
> More than 40 years experience in ACA accreditation

Correctional management, fiscal management and training have earned Emerald Correctional Management the unique status of the company delivering cost-effective plans and implementing the newest ideas and management techniques in the correctional field. Emerald Correctional Management knows that profit is important. Of equal importance is managing a safe, secure, environmentally clean facility with the balance of services and programs that reduce recidivism.

For additional information about Emerald Correctional Management, click here to download a brochure in pdf format or contact Steve Afeman.



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