Emerald Correctional Management (ECM) provides low-, medium-, and maximum- security detention and incarceration services for federal, state and local governments. We ensure Solid Secure Solutions to a jurisdiction’s needs by operating safe, humane, and secure facilities, while simultaneously protecting communities and providing detainees and inmates (who will eventually return to the community) with training, education and treatment programs designed to create personal stability and reduce recidivism.

ECM currently operates seven correctional facilities and detention centers through Intergovernmental Agreements and operating contracts, with a total service capacity of more than 5,500 beds. Our facilities operate in accordance with various national accreditation standards as well as client, company, and facility specific policies and directives. All ECM policies and procedures meet standards set forth by independent industry oversight organizations, including the American Correctional Association (ACA) and the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC).

Additionally, ECM offers an array of secure transportation services, with a fleet comprised of secure transport vehicles and secure commercial coaches necessary to meet any customer’s transportation needs safely and securely. Our transport operation centers throughout the United States move more than 7,000 inmates and detainees monthly depending on customer need. ECM’s destinations include detention facilities, federal holding sites, deportation staging sites, JPATS departure location and other designated locations required by our local, state, and federal clients. ECM’s secure transportation is operated in accordance with all jurisdictional regulations and directives and is licensed by the Federal Department of Transportation.

With our reputation of high performance and our Standards of Excellence, Emerald Correctional Management achieves accountable, proven solutions responsive to the needs of current international, national, regional, and local correctional climates. With our vast experience and seasoned management team, ECM is well positioned to respond to all client demands and is a perfect example of a company engaged in successful public-private partnerships.